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The ability to communicate thoughts and feelings is one of the most basic of human needs. The elements of effective communication involve speaking, hearing, and understanding. Communication disorders occur when one or more of these skills are compromised to the extent that they interfere with the ability to share thoughts and feelings with others
In India, 30-40% of population have speech and hearing and related disorders, however the speech therapy professionals are only few hundred. Sampark is an initiative to fill up this gap.

Particularly in children, lifestyle-related issues today seem to be resulting in inability speaking at appropriate age, speaking late, having problems in reading and writing etc. In the local context, there is asynchrony in exposure of languages - Marathi at home and English in school. Second language acquisition issues give rise to comprehension and higher linguistic processing problems deepening the troubles for such challenged children. A proper therapy is the solution for such kids who have every right to enjoy normal life. Sampark aspires to bring back normalcy in every such child’s life. With this goal, we provide facility for parents to customize the therapy material and toys for their child, they can avail the facility of toy library with exchange system, they can order online material for reading and teaching in three languages: Hindi, English and Marathi.
However, many grown-ups also need such therapy particularly as the hearing deficiencies start cropping up post 40s. Mental inhibitions in accepting the problems and lack of awareness about the therapy both cause great inconvenience in the life of such adults and their relatives. Telerehabilitation is the solution to reach the patients who are not able to reach the clinic.
Sampark deals with the concept of Polyclinic to provide therapeutic solutions according to age, gender, grade, socioeconomic background and personal interests. Our experts provide comprehensive evaluations of
  • Speech/Language Problems
  • Hearing Related Problems
  • Psychoeducational Testing
  • Occupational Therapy

When a person has trouble understanding others (receptive language), or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings completely (expressive language), then he or she has a language disorder.